STARCROSS finds New Brooklyn on the eve of an ice age that will make all life on earth extinct. The only way to save the planet is for The Red Hook to ally with Sun Dog, find and rekindle romance with War Cry, confront the Omni-Gods, and give birth to a new dawn where only love can save the world!

The Lord Has Hidden Intentions

I treated you like a brother, but you treated me like a love rival! You stole every girlfriend I ever had! I just wanted to get married and have a baby, why is that so difficult?! A black-hearted white lotus vs. straight guy. A wild omegaverse fantasy, that's both sweet and seductive~~

Pampered By My Rich Husband

To save her father from financial ruin and escape jail time, Chu Ci was forced to marry Helian Lanruo, the weak and sickly young master of the Helian family. Rumor has it that his life hangs in the balance and that he could kick the bucket at any time. Some even said that the young master is impotent. Despite being married, Chu Ci is a living like a widow. Helian Lanruo is the husband who disappears during the day and only comes to bed late at night... 豪門盛寵 豪门盛宠

Bad Memories

The scar on my lower abdomen is an old wound that has been difficult to heal over the years.


Dreamland is a series based on a dual universe: on one side, you have the real world, and on the other, the world of dreams, imaginary and crazy. We follow the life of Terrence and his friends between those two worlds. He's a shy high-schooler who would like to seduce Lydia, a girl he's liked for a long time. But one day, his life changes completely when, during one of his nightmares, he overcomes his greatest fear: Fire. That marks the beginning of his double life as a normal high-school student during the day and the flame controller at night in Dreamland.

Please Bully Me, Miss Villainess!

Please Bully Me, Miss Villainess! , 请欺负我吧,恶役小姐! / Bắt nạt mình đi mà, nữ phản diện ơi! / โปรดรังแกฉันทีคุณนางร้าย! I, Yvonne, reincarnated into an otome game as the rich villainess. According to the game's plot, a character loathed by everyone such as myself has the main role of bullying the heroine, pushing her towards the various love interests' romantic routes. But it seems like there's something wrong with Elsa, the heroine! She's getting too close to me!

My endless inventory

Ouyang Xing, a game geek, and a game strategist crosses over to the world of immortal cultivation, where he starts as the reincarnation of the Heavenly Emperor + the Supreme Immortal. Unfortunately, the Immortal clan/race is in decline in this world, and their situation is worse than that of dogs. As a collection fetishist, no matter what exotic treasures, celestial palace, or heavenly fairies, I want them all!!

The Lone SSS-Class Summoner

Zhang Ze crosses over to a parallel world where people rely on the Magic Domain to fight monsters and become stronger to resist the invasion of demons from the Devil’s Cave. For the sake of his sister, Zhang Ze enters the magic realm under the name of Asura, and then he unexpectedly awakens the strongest SSS-level talent summoning ability! The higher the level of the summoning art, the more monsters you can summon, and the more you can upgrade, it’s simply heaven-defying!

A Hundred Ways To Abuse A Slag

The strongest goddess of the whole universe is here! Every scumbag of each world must be prepared to get my lessons, okay~? Dear scumbags and third mistresses, I’m the best at abusing and slapping your faces green! I will use violence to curb violence! No flowery bribes nor will be able to stop me! And you, will you be my next host?! I will grant your wishes! 虐渣的一百种方式 One Hundred Ways to Abuse Scum

Boss Makes the Boy Group’s Center of Me

The influential A-list female artist Ye Xian becomes a vicious character with the same name in the novel "Proud Best Actor Only Favors Me." In this novel, she disguises herself as a boy in the hero's boy group to pester the hero, bullies the heroine, sabotages the relationship between the hero and heroine, and finally dies a tragic death. To avoid the sad demise, Ye Xian decides to stay away from the hero and heroine, work hard as a boy, turn the tables by virtue of her appearance and strength, and attract thousands of fans. Ye Xian thinks her future will be bright, but she accidentally "offends" Bo Tingshen, the top boss who helps the hero in the novel. As an amateur in romantic relationships, Ye Xian is unaware of Bo Tingshen's crazy love and intense possessiveness, resulting in many awkward situations… I Rely on the Boss to Hold the C Position in the Men's Team Lưng Dựa Núi Lớn Đứng Vững C Vị Wo Kao Da Lao Wen Zhu Nan Tuan c Wei Wǒ Kào Dà Lǎo Wěn Zhù Nán Tuán c Wèi 我靠大佬稳住男团c位

The Lady Locksmith of Mengliang

There was a quarrelsome couple in Mengliang City who met each other because of a murder case. One case after another, the pair became the detective duo. A smart lady locksmith and a macho civil officer made a the world think they were the perfect couple! But what did they think about dating? “Dating?” he asked.“No way!” she scoffed.“We only want to solve crimes!” they answered in unison. Meng Liang You Zuo San Ri Que Mengliang Has a Three-Day Magpie Mèng Liáng Yǒu Zuò Sān Rì Què 梦梁有座三日鹊

I’m Being Shipped With the King of Film!

Whaaa?! The demon spirit management just arranged a husband for me again?! This time, the guy's a movie god! OMG~ I'm only a recently matured small fox. Arranging such an old demon to me, what am I to do~ The Internet Are Character Pair Fans of the Movie God and Me / The Internet are CP fans of the Movie God and Me

My Wife is Actually the Future Tyrant Empress

The Lady is the future tyrant, Lady Tyrant is the future empress of my wedding, 娘子竟是未來暴君女帝 Zhao Jinyu had no idea that after his rebirth, he would have the future tyrant empress who usurped the throne as his wife. He puts in his heart and soul to prevent his wife from going astray in her current life. But this beloved wife seems to be different from her previous life. How come she doesn’t care about the affairs of the court at all and only sticks to him every day?   It’s good, the sooner and more children I can have with my wife, the busier she will be taking care of the babies. Then, she will have no time to plot the rebellion. The plan is ready!

I Control the Prince’s Heart After a Rotten Exhibition

When the foolish but cute glutton Hua Manman transmigrated into a novel becoming a villainess, she was supposed to refuse the king’s hand in marriage to wash away his misfortune and then enter the Imperial Palace to become one of the Emperor’s concubines. She didn’t expect the king to read minds, and he even took her in as his concubine?! 摆烂后我掌控王爷芳心 / I Control the Prince's Heart After a Rotten Exhibition / The King's Heart is Mine (official)
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