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The Shadow Prophet

The Great Prophet Godo has a place for everyone in his perfect society… so long as you aren't a failure. Itshou is living a diligent and sheltered life when she suddenly finds herself denounced and marked for exile. While her beliefs are shaken to their very core, a chance encounter with a childhood sweetheart derails Itshou’s banishment and puts her on the path to political uprising. Now facing down the same forces she once trusted to protect her, Itshou must untangle the web of lies at the heart of her city and unmask the Shadow Prophet.

Tensei shitara Heimin deshita. - Seikatsu Suijun ni Taerarenai no de Kizoku wo Mezashimasu

Before he knew it, he had been reincarnated into an 8-year-old boy named Leon from another world. At first, Leon was excited about being reincarnated into a different world with magic, but he gradually realized that he had been reincarnated as a commoner and that his life was much more inconvenient than it was in modern times. Leon, who was wondering if his life could somehow improve, learns that once he becomes a noble, he can use flush toilets and baths using magic tools. In that case, I have no choice but to aim for the nobility! A slow life fantasy in which a commoner boy reincarnated in another world uses modern knowledge to aim for a comfortable life!

The Red Hook: War Cry

The Red Hook's dead girlfriend is resurrected into WAR CRY, a human of mass destruction hosted by a teenage boy. When a demigod from their past comes to haunt them to death they must resolve their lost love.

Asu ni Hitofude!

Sarah is an American fascinated by calligraphy. When her father is transferred to a high school in Yamanashi Prefecture, she is thrilled by the opportunity to learn calligraphy in earnest. She heads for the calligraphy club, which focuses on calligraphy performances, but to her surprise it is on the verge of closure...?

Smile Brush: My Old Pictures

Season 2! Waroo comes back with more heartwarming memories to share. (Source: LINE Webtoon)

The Sun Company

Asahi, a girl, falls for Kaoru, a music freak, who happens to be oblivious to girls. At the moment, he has his heart set on buying his dream guitar but isn't old enough to hold a stable job. Asahi agrees to help him buy this guitar because she wants to get closer to him and give him the chance to get to know her. Will he be able to break his sole love for guitar and give Asahi the chance?

Kami No Na Wa

Sengoku was a period when Japan was in war, a period when humans were still able to communicate with Gods. Young Sarutahiko has died because of the struggle, but he will be resurrected and turn into an immortal thanks to a God's power in exchange of consuming his sister's life day by day. To save her, Sarutahiko will ask for help to the God of the Mountain, but instead, he meets a beautiful young girl... What is the true identity of this girl?! What kind of God is capable of granting wishes in exchange of souls, blood and death...?! (Source: MU)

Smile Style

Yamazaki Yuri is a high school freshmen. She changes school in the second semester and moves to the dorm. Before her arrival, there are some rumors being spread in the dormitory. This story is about the daily life of the misunderstood girl, Yuri and her dorm-mates.


Hiroshi is shocked when he finds out that his imaginary friend, Enigami, isn’t so imaginary after all! Then he realizes his beastly companion can battle it out with other kids’ imaginary friends, and things start to get even stranger. But when these playground games turn serious and kids start disappearing, Hiroshi realizes that the consequences here might be more real than he first thought…


Dare Crilley is a bike messenger, and is utterly unsurpassed. She scoffs at bad weather, traffic is barely an obstacle, and she’s never even missed a delivery. That’s good, because Dare is about to discover her mysterious new client is literally divine, and that a dispute between the gods means the fate of the universe rests on a series of increasingly more difficult bicycle deliveries. Will Dare fail on any of these fateful missions? Can she assemble all the parts for the Legendary Divine Bicycle? One thing’s for sure, Dare never backs down when it’s time to deliver.

The Brooklynite

Brooklyn cartoonist, Jake Jeffries gets caught in the fallout of two super-humans battling and is accidentally irradiated with superpowers. Fraught with “Superman powers and Spider-Man problems,” Jake learns to fight crime in his secret identity as The Brooklynite, and chronicles his adventures in a comic book series while struggling to lead a dual existence.

Legends of Silica

Amory & Pearson, two ambitious glass crafters, learn they are evicted from their workshop and must seek out new opportunities. They never expected to find themselves as caretakers of the magical Kingdom of Silica. If they want to leave, all they must do is locate the five lost wizards of Silica, convince them to return to the Kingdom AND bring Durward, Warden of the Doors, Master Maker of Portals, and Cursed One out of exile. Simple! Join this magical adventure full of wizards, dragons, elemental creatures, and enchanted glass.

Grand Staff in Magic Airborne

"Another world" x "Airport"  A job fantasy for everyone who has a dream! The stage is an airport in another world that boasts the largest number of arrivals and departures in the world, the "Yggdrasil Airship". They use magical powers to carry out their duties, but Emi Sorano, the rookie guide (ground staff), has no magical powers at all. She still has a dream she wants to make come true...

Uchi no Inu ga Tsuyosugirun desu ga? – Tensei Shitara Megami-sama no Shukufuku de Sekai wo Sukuu Koto ni narimashita

Hayate, a boy who lost his beloved dog Norikimaru 10 years ago, was deeply traumatized. Hayate dreams of meeting Rikimaru again someday when he dies, but... One day, he saves a dog from being hit by a car and loses his life. When you wake up in a beautiful meadow with a rainbow over it, Thanks to the power of the goddess, she is reunited with Rikimaru in another world. At the same time, in order to fulfill the goddess's wish to save the world, Going on a journey with Rikimaru...! The strongest pet dog x the weakest me = save the world!? I can't stop being overflowing with "preciousness"!! ︎ A tale of adventure in another world!
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