Baek XX

Federal Informant ‘Baek Yisu’ and a criminal gang’s boss, ‘Baek Dogyeong’ are twin brothers. With the same faces the two twin brothers have lived different lives until now. Yisu, who’s been betrayed by the gang, throws away his identity to become his brother. This federal agent is soon to become the gang’s boss…!

Onee-chan Activities in a Godless World

The first spin-off of the popular otherworldly manga "Kaminaki Sekai no Kamisama Katsudou" (Kamisama Activities in a Godless World), which will be broadcasted as a TV anime in 2023!   In a world where the concept of God does not even exist, a woman as precious as a "god" has been reborn! In search of her beloved brother, Yukito, the strongest sister goes on a rampage in another world - the myth of the onee-chan has now begun!

The 18 Year Old Spy

An orphan named Hajin, trained in North Korea ever since he was little. North Korea had sent young children down to South Korea to climb up the social ladder and take high-ranked places on the social hierarchy. Hajin was chosen for this operation and was sent over. "To not be used, you must be the one that uses people from above." Hajin did not want to be used by the North Korean government but make decisions for himself. To save his younger sister who was taken away from him, he begins to swallow up both the North and South's organizations one by one.

The Hysteric Trigger

There was a girl who could read people's "minds". Her name is Emma Wallers. She is a trainee of the American unofficial intelligence unit "CAT" who is trying to find her mother's killer the "Lollipop Man". A cutie girl with outstanding fighting ability! Falling into a pit!! Revenge story of entertainment power Mashimashi ON FIRE!!!

The path of murder

Akamori Mitsuo wants to be an ordinary salaryman but... He is a genius murderer born into a family that has been practising the ancient art of killing for centuries. Akamori faces obstacles like Yakuza, fighters and gangs in the path that goes to his want.

Embryologist Mizuiro

An embryologist, using a microscope, uses sperm to fertilize an eggs with their own hands to bring human life into this world. Ayumu Mizusawa is a genderless, genius embryologist who likes fishing and helping couples bring life to this earth.

The Strongest Great Sage in History, Reincarnated as the Strongest Stuffed Animal

Ralph, a legendary sage, has used up all of his power to seal the Demon King and has been reincarnated 300 years later. However, he finds himself reincarnated as a stuffed animal. He and Tiana, a beautiful girl who wants to be a wizard, decide to become the strongest again, but an unexpected evil hand is closing in on their peaceful territory. So a fantasy with infinite cuteness, full of courage and magic, begins!

Midarana Seijo-sama no Keikenchi

The story is an erotic comedy about Celestia, a priestess who fell in love with a knight. Although her status as a holy priestess required her to remain pure, Celestia wanted to have an intimate relationship with the knight, so she devised various schemes to tempt him into making the first move.
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